Peter Delany

Counselling Psychologist
B.A.(Psych), M.Std.Psych, 
Peter Delany - Counselling Psychologist

Peter has over 30 years experience in using evidence-based psychological strategies to bring about positive, constructive change in individuals and organisations. He integrates a wealth of knowledge into  a friendly, down-to-earth style. 
Areas of specialty include stress management, mindfulness, communication skills, spirituality, and motivation. 
He has a passion for helping people to find and use their special gifts to achieve their personal and professional goals towards lives filled with purpose, meaning and achievement.  
His own learning has included face-to-face professional development from a “who’s who” of cognitive-behavioural psychology, including Albert Ellis, Michael Yapko, Francine Shapiro,  and Martin Seligman. 
Peter has degrees from Sydney and Wollongong Universities, is a Full Member of the Australian Psychological Society and it’s College of Counselling Psychologists. He is a Registered Psychologist with specialist endorsements in Counselling and Organisational Psychology, and a registered Medicare provider