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ImageTruce Wright
Counselling Psychologist
B.A.(Psych), M.A.Hons(Psych), M.A.(Counselling), M.A.P.S.

Truce is our principal counselling psychologist. She has worked in the profession for more than 20 years, in a variety of roles. She is oriented towards short and medium term interventions using a client centred approach.

Truce has extensive training and experience in a wide range of cognitive-behavioural and other psychological interventions. Her skills allow her to assist with a broad range of issues and difficulties both personal and work related. She has had vast experience in dealing with stress and anxiety related problems, including panic attacks, agoraphobia and post traumatic stress reactions, as well as depression, grief and other significant life crises.

She is also a trained alcohol counsellor, able to assist clients with a drinking problem achieve a controlled drinking or abstinence goal. Truce is fully registered with the Psychologists Board of Australia is a full member of the Australian Psychological Society, and it's College of Counselling Psychologists.


ImagePeter Delany
Counselling & Coaching Psychologist
B.A. (Psych), M.Stud.Psych., Dip.C.H.

Peter has been a private practicing psychologist for over 25 years, helping individuals with counselling, coaching, and psychotherapy. He draws on a variety of psychological techniques and strategies including Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy (CBT), mindfulness, hypnotherapy and Transactional Analysis, integrated with a friendly, down-to-earth style.

His focus is helping people to understand and manage their problems with practical psychological strategies, so they can focus on living fulfilling lives and achieving their goals. He has helped people from all walks of life including senior executives, elite athletes and entertainers manage and create solutions for difficult personal and professional issues. Peter has also worked as an organisational consultant and trainer in the areas of communication and stress management.

Peter is fully registered with the Psychologists Board of Australia with endorsed specialties in Counselling and Organisational Psychology. He is also a Full Member of the Australian Psychological Society, and the Australian Society for Performing Arts Healthcare.