Counselling & Coaching Psychologists

Delany Wright Pty Ltd are a partnership of counselling and coaching psychologists located in Caringbah, in Sydney's Sutherland Shire. Our psychologists Peter Delany and Truce Wright have each been psychologists for over 30 years, and in practice together for over 20 years.

How we make a difference

We help ordinary, everyday people lead genuinely happier lives. For some people, this may involve helping them overcome particular personal struggles or psychological difficulties such as depression, anxiety or grief. Other people may want help to achieve particular goals such as build better personal relationships or progress on their career journey.  For still others, it may be helping them to broadly explore ways of finding greater satisfaction and fulfilment in life.

Sometimes their assistance may take the form of simply talking through issues with you, making practical suggestions and giving new you perspectives. At other times, they will prescribe a program of specific strategies for achieving your goals.

People choose our professional help when they need a highly skilled professional who has many years of real-world experience delivering proven strategies that get real results.

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